Corvair Used Parts

Corvair Body Parts


I've disassembled and scrapped many Corvairs.

I've got a large stockpile of parts removed.

I only scrap Corvairs too far gone to be saved.

Corvair Engine Parts


I've disassembled many Corvair engines and powertrains. Engines transmissions, differentials, carburetors, alternators, generators, starters...

Corvair Truck Parts


Greenbriers and Vans make good storage sheds but all parts are for sale. Minnesota rust renders unibodies not fit for use.

Corvair Core Engines


I have many Corvair core engines available. Early Late and FC. I plan to get some refreshed and running  but they are available for now as is.

Corvair Suspension


Complete Early, Late and FC complete suspensions for front or rear. Partial assemblies or parts available too. Also steering boxes.

Corvair Early And Late Model Parts


Currently awaiting final disassembly are a Lakewood, 2 Greenbriers and 2 LM coupes. I have parts from all Early and Late models.