Corvair Rebuilt Engines

Corvair Stock Engine Rebuild


This is for an original owner 66 Corsa.
New stock except for oversize forged pistons.

Corvair Engines Shipped


64 FC engine going to Hawaii by sea.

Still have crate panels to add.

Started and run then shipped dry.

Corvair Engine Refresh


This 64  110 didn't need a total rebuild.

Went down to the rod bearings then back up.

Delivered and installed at the body shop.

Corvair Engine Rebuild


Checking cam timing with checking cam gear, fabricated lifter, dial indicator and degree wheel.

It will come apart again to install cam gear then check again.

Modified Corvair Engine


Checking chamber volume for compression ratio.

This is for racing engine with oversize Salih cylinders and Weber 40 IDA carburetors.

Basket Case Corvair Engines


It's okay to bring a disassembled Corvair engine.

If there's something missing I can replace it.

If there's too much I can credit for good parts.