Jim Brandberg


Corvair Guy

 I started working on Corvairs at age 13 in 1969 when my older brothers were Ice Racing them. They went on to race other things and when I was 18  I ended up with all the Corvair stuff. I've always had Corvairs although I went through some phases with other things like VWs, Opels, Volvos, Saabs, British motorcycles and Harleys. 

Corvair Shop

I started Corvair Repair LLC in 2011 as a full time occupation in my home garage. I did Corvair repairs prior to that part time, mainly to help finance my Corvair road racing habit. I strive for old world craftmanship and customer satisfaction.

Corvairs Only

I only work on Corvairs. I've got a lot of Corvair parts or know where to get them. I try to read everything written about them. I spend time every day on the Internet keeping up to date on Corvair information and trends. 

Sole Propriotorship

I have had a waiting list which is a good thing unless you're the one waiting. I'm planning to catch up and be current going into 2018. Taking on an employee is a big step and I don't plan to  do it, although I'm open to possibilities. My brother has been helping me with some light tasks lately, there was a time when he taught me all I knew and he's still got some tricks up his sleeve.

Other Interests

Chris and I have been married since 1991 and have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren.

I have a black cat named Billy who showed up 4 years ago as a stray kitten.  He strolls through the garage once in a while and is my little buddy. I used to be a dog person.

I sold my last 2 Harleys in 1997 and bought a new Honda Valkyrie, flat 6 engine like a Corvair.

Church is an important part of our lives so I'm usually not available Sunday mornings.

I have a Corvair road racing car for SCCA Club Racing E Production class although it's been sitting idle.

I've lived here since 1978 and I suppose I've mowed this lawn 1000 times., no riding mower for me.

I've got several Corvairs of my own to work on one of these days real soon.