Corvair Engines

Corvair Engines rebuilt or refreshed.  Corvair Engine Exchange Program.
Anything from daily drivers to racers.

Checking here for deck height  and  #1 Top Dead Center on race engine with 92mm Salih cylinders.

Checking cam timing and lobe profile with solid lifter and extension. High volume oil pump.

Checking chamber volume for compression ratio on Weber heads milled to the step, adjust with gaskets.

Thought I'd get a page started based on what I'm currently working on but will update as possible. I've also got 180, 140, 110, 95, 102 and 80 HP engine projects underway that will be for sale with a wide price range depending on what they need or what you desire. An exchange engine is desired to keep the program sustainable. Call or e-mail for quote. or 763-444-9334.
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